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In a word, all good and every ill are in common among them, and all work together in harmonious union for the good and defence of the whole.

Sinners seek for delights only in sensible things. It is written throughout with great power and in harmonious language -Penny Cyc.

A Chriflian's wit is ino2fenfive light, A beam that aids but never grieves the fight. The contents of the sheath are composed of a series of globules, arranged very regularly, their convexities causing the sheath to project in definite lines.

I could scarcely realize the terrible event, and in voluntarily addressing the corpse, I muttered,'Are you really dead, Kozengo? The entire machine was now in action, every separate wheel was revolving IN in; upon; very.

YN in; Irish in-, an- in, very; Welsh en intensive yn n. The prefix is intensive in infringe, infraction, inflame, ensign. From as a particle, asg a splinter; whence also b-asg a plaiting of splinters, basged a basket; and fflasg, fflasged a wicker vessel, whence fl-ask, fi-asket.

There are probably two distinct roots here. The Greek IAlo, hatred appears in mis-anthropy hatred of 'avOporos man.

The prefix mis- has become confused with the French m6s-, m6-, Ital. Nay, quod the fox, but God yeve him mefchance That is so indifcrete of governance.

To fclander you is no thing min entent, But to correcten that is mis I ment,-Chaucer. G-OTIUm business, to traffic. Chaucer uses n o t for n e w ot know not.

The prefix of neg-lect, L: EGO to lay together, pick up, is considered by Prof. Key as identic with the German nach after, at, by, as in nach-lassen to leave behind.

NUN- an-nun-ci-ation, an-noun-ce-ment the delivery of a message. OB against, upon, [Lat. Welsh wp a state of being out or up.

LIGO, to bind upon; to constrain; to favor. The s in obs-cene is from OBS-. I scio I know. UT, UD above, out. Par-affine is from the Latin adv. Par-ity PA PR equal.

The remains of the earlier writing often afford valuable literary material, and some of the productions of Cicero have been recovered by a careful study of palimpsests.

Panax a genus of plants, all-heal, ginseng. Per- is intensive in peraeute very sharp; permute to change entirely; persuade to exhort much.

Polynesia polygon polyglot polysyllable polygamous polyp POR- before. For por-trait see pur- and PRO. Chaucer uses pourtraie, pourtraiture, purtraye, purtreiture, purveye, parfit perfect, parfourme perform, etc.

Po-mer-ania a country by or along Russ. Ar-mor-ica is similarly formed on an Irish basis, with ar at, upon. The Latin PaE- becomes pre- in English, as in predestine prefix preside prevail prevenat prejtudice preclude preflace preamble pltrecipitate precocious predict prefer prea..

The prefixes are intensive in procure prolix aXxrs loose, pre. Compare the Russian p red before. PRa before, confused with PER thlrough.

A form of pro-vide. And here I ride about my pourchafing To wote wher men wol give me any thing: My p o u r c h a s is th' effect of all my rent, Loke how thou rideft for the same entent.

So was it fhewed in that purtreiture. Gaelic ro very; Lat. See under D- and c-R'. RE-, RED- back, again, down. Spence writes riflex, riflection.

Alexandria, which beeing rated and deftroied by the Barbarians, Antiochus the fon of Seleucus re-edified. The following are Welsh examplesaeth a prickle, saeth a dart.

First applied to the poorest class of the people but assumed as a title of honor by the adherents of the French constitution of Their arena of Sansculottism was the most original arena opened to man for above a thousand years; The spirit of modern sansculotte-ism S-C', sq-, Sh[Indicative of action, sound, and intensity.

RADO I sc-rape, rub. Sanscrit root sE to finish. Key thinks it may be connected with DITiO power. Sanscrit root SAM to place together.

The same -irt occurs in sp-irt, bl-urt, fl-irt, squ-irt; but s-tart is akin to s-tir, tur-n. English has its laws of assimilation as well as Latin, and these forbid a union like g-j, so that gay is as improper in s-'gest and exa'gerate as it would be in cudgel from cog, according to the laws of speech, which are seldom consulted by the orthoepists.

Su-rrender is the French'se rendre' to render one's self; Ital. Persian 3eber above; aber, ber upon. VIDtRE to see, to view. Sur-reptitious and sur-rogate belong to sub-; and sur-geon is composed of xstpv hand, E'pyo work.

Sus-picion may be from sub-, under the form subs-, as in abs for ab. Compare Irish baladh a scent, do-bhaladh a rank scent; dealbh the countenance, doi-dhealbhach ill-featured; faghail to procure, dofhaghala rare, hard to be found; blasda savory, do-mblasda insipid.

Gothic id-, as in idreigon to re-form, convert; Ohg. Irish ath-, aith-, aqs in cogadh war, athchogadh re-bellion; bebdhaim to enliven, aithbhhodhaim to re-vive.

Welsh ad-, at-, dy-, as in byw alive, adfyw re-vived; bod to be, atfod to re-exist; ere a cry, dychre a cawing.

And evermore fhe did him fharpely twight For breach of faith to her, which he had firmely plight. Spenser, Faerie Queene Bk 5, canto 6.

T-awdry, Saint Awdry Ethelred, from a fair bearing his name. Gothic du-, as in duginnan to begin; 2dugann iaisusl qi0an3 Jesus began to-say.

The helmes they to-hewen and to-fhrede For which Almachius did him to-bete With whip of led. So they ran together that Sir Griflets fpere all to fhevered.

And a certain woman call a piece of a millitone upon Abimelech's head, and all to brake his ikull. In parts of England toyear to-yere of Chaucer, is used for this year, and Halliwell has to-month, to-medis in the midst, to-whils whilst.

In Spanish, de of is used, as in de ver to see; and in Albanian me with, as in me passune to have. Sanscrit TiR to traverse.

RV to act beyond propriety, old French oultrager, and also ostraige. Christina, though uncrowned [having relinquished her crown,] demurred on some points of court.

Burke's phrase, nevertheless, must be allowed to be infinitely more unphilosophical, immoral, irreligious, uncivil, impolitic, inhuman, and insolent than either.

John Adams, Works, 6, Young Night 7, London , uses — un-absurd unask'd'unavoidable unbelief anbelieving unborn unbounded unbrewed uneaus'ld unconmin'd una onfounded unconscious undebalacht undesign'id undlrawn undrew un-embittered unexpected unfadUing unfaithful unfaslhion'd unfear'd unfeign'd unfelt uninteUligent unlock unmade unmannr'd -unmarr'd unmerciful unmixt unpaid unportion'd unpreedeneddeliel unqueneh't unrefunding unrequested unresolveable unriddle unripen'd unroll'd unsound anistreteht nunstbdu'd untanught untie untill'd untormented unwilling unwisely unwish't unwrought Th' illuftrious maRer of a name unknown; Whofe worth unrivall'd, and unwitnefs'd loves, —Young, Nt.

Unpeopled, unmannurd, unprovd, unprayfd;-Spenser. All mourn the minstrel's harp unstrung, Their name unknown, their praise unsung.

To, without un-, expresses various relations. Old English has anhonged hung uzp, anhytte hit, anlifen livelihood, anondyr under, and others.

Ava, vI of, to; Pers. BI; perhaps akin to B-. Latin, as in VECRas without heart or mind. Russian, Polish, Bohemian bez wvithout. VI; and MAN to think, whence also man and mind.

This prefix ought to be pronounced vis- to prevent confusion with vice a fault, Lat. VITitm; and vice or vise a screw-press, Fr. To weather a storm, Ang.

The reprehensible exclamatory oath zounds and oons is for by-hiswounds woonds, in allusion to the sufferings of our blessed Savior. Formed on the abla-, tive case of feminine adjectives in -X.

Sanscrit -X, -A5; Bohem. This suffix is sometimes omitted, as in axiom-a poem-a sophism-a stratagem-a epigram-ma epoch Etrox.

Many of these words being anglicised as epftome rather than epitombe, it is equally proper to give them an English plural form, as epitomes and areas, rather than epitomai and arere; and as singularity is to be avoided, it is better to say dogmas, tsarinas, and saharas, than dogmata, tsaritsa, saharats, and zemindaran, with the original plurals.

Sahara a desert, with a in arms. Plural nouns, mostly neuter. In some,badly formed modern words, -able has the power of full, as veritable truthful; forcible forceful; charitable full of charity; sociable co??

Capable, instead of being applicable to an object that may or is worthy to be taken, means one having the power of taking. Although honorable, favorable, s en sib 1 e, have Latin originals, they are not used quite in their original sense, for the first means-that procures honor; the second-in favor, popular; and the third-perceptible by the senses.

Welsh -awg, -og, -ig; Irish, Gaelic -ach. Norse -ag-r, -8g, -ag-t. And I wol tel you verament Of mirthe and of fo la s.

Commonly, words in -XCEus -aceous are from nouns, and those in Ax, -acious from verbs. To -aceous belong embarrass, populace, Ital.

See -aele, -cle, -L. This suffix is mostly taken from the French, as in suprematie supremacy; intimit6 intimacy; legitimite legitimacy; episcopat episcopacy; c libat celibacy.

The following are not French nor classical Latin forms: Accidental in Hebrew 1il GaOB locust,'.: Welsh -od, -ad, -ed, -id, -aidd.

Whence also broeket or prieket a young deer with tapering unbranched horns; also called a'spitter' for the same reason. A term in fortification.

Nonage means not of age. Prisage siGio I perceive. Appenldage is akin to appendix. Image, mucilage, and cartilage belong to -AGO. Cottage may have been produced from cot, cottier, cot'ger, cottager, cottage.

Was whilom duellyng in a pore c o t a g e,-Chaucer. Perhaps akin to -C-. Solidago golden-rod, a plant like the s6L, gen. Ustilago a genus of parasitic fungi infesting maize.

The corresponding adjectives are formed on the genitive case, as plumbaginous, plantaginous, lentiginous, ferruginous, rubiginous, aeruginous, cartilaginous, -gin- being the base, or crude form.

Words in -AL are derived from nouns or adjectives, and verbs. Incongruous hibrids like vert-eye-go are neither Latin nor English.

Pralficall, Ethycall, CEcumenicall, and Politicall. This suffix has been extended to a few Latin and many English nouns, as in L. Entrail-s victual-s, reprisal-s, are formed by the adjective collective plural -AL-IA.

Alexandrine a2reavtpYoY pertaining to Alexandria. PaRTls a harbor, an asylum. FrRaX out of doors. Which that thofe knights likewife mote underftand, And witneffe forth aright in fo rrain land,-Spenfer, born IS0o.

If any Englifh man fhould now write or fpeak as our forefathers did about fix or feven hundred years paft, we fhould as little underftand him as if he were a forein er;-Bp.

Gangrene, yfyJpatra, from yp6w and ypai-v-co I gnaw. Of our English Ana, by far the most celebrated is the Walpoliana, being a collection of the conversational remarks of Horace Walpole, together with a good many fragments copied from his papers.

Formed from present participles by adding the fem. The neuter forms in the genitive, accusative, and ablative cases, constitute the gerund, which are sometimes used as English nouns.

The meanings of'prebend' and'dividend' have been changed. Welsh noun en a living principle, a sp9irit; ener an intelligence; Gr. Valiant grand stand blind blunt splint squiint pageant truant serpent brigand craven Obs.

Tyrant is a heteronym, Fr. Pope, Effay on Man, I: A false spelling of -er, in friar beggar liar vinegar 'vinegre,''vineger,' Holland, dollar pillar 'piler,' Chaucer,'piller,' Holland,'pillour,' Spenser.

With baleful b e g g e r y or foul difgrace UTIS, safety or health. See -R- formative, and -ARy. See -R- formative, and I formative.

Iindoostance -ar, as in ion salt, lon-ar a salt pit. See -AR- formative, and I formative. Vrw, to instruct in hidden knowledge; ptucr-rp see -TOR a mystic.

See collar, under -AR, a. Caravansary is a heteronym of the Persian and Arabic'earwin' a traveling body, and'sura' a house.

IRTis, art, faculty, quality. The masculine suffix -er, as in hunt-er, has been confounded with -art and -hart, as in the German reich rich, whence the names Reicher, Reichert, Reichhard; or in stand-ard for stand-er as distinguished from standard a banner, derived from extend.

Similarly, Belgian -er, -aar, an inhabitant, has taken -d in Spanjaard a native of Spain; English lanyard, Fr. In old high German, the name hart is a woody mountain whence Hartz; Harz resin, as in Lindhart linden-wood; Spehteshart, Ger.

These give the adjective forms pancreatic, Atlantic, and erysipelatous. Huge zi ffiu s, whom mariners efchew And greedy rofmarinest with vifages deforme: Capias you may take, a Latin verb of the second person singular number, used as an English noun.

The glossary does not explain ziffius and rosmarine, but Richardson quotes the latter line in illustration of the plant rosemary.

Carcass is an exception. R avyvw to move, extend. Wallachian -at, -ut, -it; Fr. Welsh -t, -d, -aid, -aidd; Irish -ta, -te, -th, -the, -dha, -de, -t.

English -ade, -ate, -et, -ete, -ite, -at, -ute, -ed, -id, -d, -t, -te, -ty. Used as adjectives-associate duplicate ornate striate iimate roseate ovate cordate discrete effeteb complete obsolete qui-et requisite politec remoted acutee astute mninute moroseg abstruseg stric-t jus-t haones-t modes.

Used as nouns-associate duplicate reprobate advocate date rate certificate mandate consulate lfgate mnagistrate triumvirate aggregate cerate veg-etate site ducat dig-it gran-ite0 trib-ute statute deposit and depot verdict relict conflict sect insect district assigneea fuseeg Fr.

Forms like defrauded, derided, deluded, surrounded, grounded, have induced the vulgar form drown-d-ed, whose iterative suffix is present in English, the -d of len-d being that of loan-d.

Hence len-d-ed is etymologicly equivalent to loan-d-ed, compac-t-ed to compack-ed-ed, con-coc-t-ed to con-cooked-ed, deduc-t-ed to deduced-ed, protec-t-ed to pro-decked-ed, and gir-t-ed or gir-d-ed to gyr-ate-ate or gyr-ed-ed.

Dement-at-ed is in use, and eruc-t-at-ed occurs in the transactions of a learned society. A box where fweets compacted lie.

And each lock fall the wall-compac-t-ed gate. That foil, impregn-at-ed with nobler feed Refufed the culture of fo rank a weed. Which, like a btld compac-t-ed Their purple cups contrac-t-ed,-Southey.

The older writers were more observant of the etymologic difference between verbs and participles, as Chaucer, who uses the verbial forms corrige to correct, corrumpeth, corrumpable, delibere, dissimule, encorporing-but he also iuses enfecte and endite as verbs.

He became fo con fufe, he conneth not loke. Sith firli i n h a bi t Was the lond — id. Sal tartre, alcaly, and falt p r e p a r a t And c o m b u ft materes and coagulat.

The wifdom of thofe arts Well halt thou ac q u it thee. With head u p I i ft above the wave. Imaged the supreme beauty u n c r e a t e. To glad and fertilise the s u b j e c t plains.

Their fortunes are c o m p a c t with mine;-Aytoun. The following have been formed nearly thus; but see Obs. X nutr-ication imbricate cortical radical Borax, from the Arabic, has been adapted to these.

In some cases the -c is part of the root as in paradox -Fia, equinox, equinoctial, auspice, index, indication. Welsh -p, -f, -ff, b, as in gel-i a shooting out, col-p Swed.

Welsh gwy a fluid; gwy-f that yields, draws out; gwy-f-r wi.. From the affinity between b and m, some of the examples under m may belong here.

Tu-b, a vessel with two handles, is from two and bear. TerZlbra a genus of shells. September seventh, November ninth, December tenth month being understood, are referred by Bopp to the Sanscrit vXRA period, time; old Nordish thris-var thrice.

In the name Berosus, ber means son. Sanscrit root AP to hold. Words in -ble are mostly based on verbs. This suffix is reduced to B when -ly follows, as in credi-b-ly, tolera-b-ly, remarkably.

The vowel which has disappeared from the unaccented syllable -ble, has been retained by the accent in flexi-bil-ity, credi-bil-ity.

For double, treble, see -ple. Mistakable, remarkable, and others, are hibrids.. Irish caraig a rock, creagmhar craggy,-mh as English v.

Sulphur, cinnabar, sinoper, caliber, are doubtful, or heteronymic. Neighbor one living nigh; Ger. But inwardly he chawed his owne maw At n eib o rs welth, that made him ever fad;-Spenser.

Key thinks was originally equivalent to brain-vessel. XGo I do, act; -c-ate, and -ca-tion. In vocation, location, plication, vacation, and others, c is part of the primitive word.

See -ace, -acy, -ance, -ty. Hall whence hence thence since -ce, V. That to myn hert it was a rejoyfynge To here thi vois. Polish -ik, -ek, -ka; Bohem.

Icicle, ice, and Ang. See -aecle, es-e-ul-ent fit to be eaten. Irish -de, as in air over, air-de height; -t, as in a g a r aim to revenge, a g a r-t revenge, a g ar-t h-ac h vindictive.

Ophicleid, a musical instrument of the 56s serpent kind, provided with IXE;, plural scXd s keys. See Observation under -let. This D is part of the base or crude form.

Pronounce e as in mutter, i in mien, a in arm, and u like oo. Welsh gole splendor; Gaelic galla brightness; i-Losg the sun; XoX-i' gall, a yellow secretion.

Linden is probably a plural. The -d is educed from -N adverbial, and -er is that of -TER, a. Bopp regards the -n of hin as a petrified accusative case sign.

This -der is not a Latin suffix. Elder tree, German holder, holunder, old high German holantar holloiw tree. For cylinder, see -N- intensive.

In Greek names, -ander is from aoi;p a man, genitive dvdpoc, as in Alexander, defending men. In botany it is equivalent to stamen or anther, as in'he x an d e r' a plant with six stamens or six anthers.

Akin to -T- participial, with -N declensional. Grimm refers it to Lettish nu-dfm-at to discriminate; Lithuanic duma deliberation, opinion. In old high German it was rarely used as a prefix, as in tomphaffo priest-dom.

But glimmering through the dusky corridore, Another chequers o'er the shadow'd fioor. Rx-I-Rt to go out; old French iss-ir, participle issu, feminine issue, the -u being a participial remnant, of the Latin -TrM.

Or th' utmoft yffew of his own decay But the fift troupe moil horrible of hew.. Eye was formerly a dissyllable.

Ax is preferable to axe. Glue is for French glu, and pulse is for p ouls, German puls. Written English is subject to the freaks of lipogrammatism, in.

Thus'v' must not be doubled except latterly in navvy, a nlvigation or canal workman, nor must it occur final in spelling words like believe, cleave, heave, leave, weave, sleeve, give, live, sieve, missive, salve, solve.

Final'u' formerly confused with'v' is also avoided, as in true, blue, glue, pursue, argue. Athen-e-um a building devoted to literature.

Epieure'an t rc x'pp-se -o pertaining to Epicurus. This -I- cannot always be separated from I genitive. French participle past -t4, -t6e, -6, -ee, -i, -ie.

Irish -the, -dha, as in airg-im to spoil, airg-the spoiled, airg-the-ach a slpoiler; aer air, aer-dha airy.

Welsh verb oedd wass, did exist. Probably connected with Eng. DUi to move, of which di-d may be a reduplication, and d o n e the old German gedaiAn from duan to do, deprived of its prefix.

To let not others honour be defafte Through countreyes wafte, and eke well edifyde,-Spenser. A beam ethereal, fully'd, and abforpt! Tho' fully'd, and difhonour'd, frill divine!

When past time is not in view, words in -en, -ed, may be regarded as adjectives, as in hidd-en faults; land-ed property; one possess-ed.

Then paused, and look'd, and turn'd, and seem'd to watch. French participial -6 masc. But -6e is not always feminine in French, pygm6e a dwarf is masculine, and solidite is feminine.

The meaning being modified in English, the phrase'a day's journey' really-a day's day's work is proper. Similarly,'journeyman' has ceased to mean a worker by the day.

Fusee of' a watch, FrSUS a spindle. PeFsee a portfire, Fr. Trochee, spoadee, and apogee belong to E formative.

But who can turn the Cfream of deftinee, Or break the chayne of ftrong neceffitee, Which fall is tyde to Jove's eternall feat? An engine-driver is not an engineer, for the same reason that an organ-blower is not an organist.

This suffix is to some extent confused with -er, as in currier, furrier, terrier, courtier, collier, drov i er, barrier Fr.

Chanticleer, the clear singer. In sold-ier the suffix is for Welsh gwr a man. Domineer, see -er, v. Curteis and wife, and wel doand e. He come crian de.

Soone as thofe g lit t e r a n d armes he did efpye,-Spenser. Gothic -eins; old Ger. The nouns linen, satin, robin and iron probably belong here.

The resemblance is accidental in Turkish, as in C ,Ii atesh fire; X.. I ateshin of fire, belonging to fire, where'in' is the genitive case sign.

See note under N adverbial. The old Frisian -a, Norse -a, Sw. Old English -en, -in, -ne and -e, as in to wondr-en, to tell-en, to riden, to bhrin, to doen, used by Chaucer, but which must not be confounded with the old verbial plural, as in the following exampleAnd smale foules m a ken melodie That fl e p e n al the night with open yhe.

Infinitive mood signs akin to -ANT. Flemish —een mensch d5oden, to-kill a man. Belgic prefers t, as in laten, to German ss, as in lassen, Eng.

Akin to -en v. Gaelic, Irish, -an, -in, as in dionn a hill, dionnan a little hill. Welsh -an, -en, -yn. This accounts for -en in hoid-en; and in Derw-en-t, from derw oak trees, dhr a male oak-whence Darby, often spelt'Derby,' but pronounced properly.

For goblin see -lin. The primary idea of glue was general, of gluten special, as between a clammy and an adhesive substance. Persian -an for living objects, as peder father, peder n fathere.

Irish, as in coasd a quest-ion, pl. Targum-Tn, plural of targum, a jewish paraphrase or interpretation of the old Testament.

Child-r-en is a surplural. The plural childr is sometimes heard among old people. The final -n of many English nouns cannot be distinguished from the adjective forms -an -en, participial -en, and -en diminutive.

Damascene a native of Damascus. Lava an igneous rock is due to igneous agency, i. Righteous belongs to -ways. Some examples cannot be discriminated from the latter; nor from nouns in -ER used as verbs.

In Norse, -r indicated the nominative case masculine gender of nouns and adjectives, as in dagr day, dalr dale, elgr elk, kalfr calf, rettr sight, stormr storm, scetr sweet, kaldr cold, diupr deep, enskr English, fullr full.

The comparative sign was originally S, as in less, least; worse, worst. Akin to -R- formative, and to nouns in -S.

Welsh -ar, -awr, -wr, -ur, -or. English -er is used indifferently for active nouns, as defender, feeder, jailer, lover, robber; or passive ones, as tinder, fender, rudder, counter, hammer, beaker, pitcher, ladder, dollar, order, saucer, fodder,.

Even the abridger, compiler, and tranilator, though their labours cannot be ranked with thofe of the diurnal hifRoriographer, yet muff not be rafhly doomed to annihilation.

Johnson, Rambler, Augurt 6, I. The following are under false spellings —liar beggar pillar poplar manor sailor demeanor memoir goitre acre theatre theater Otarpov.

In Belgian -er Ang. The German h 6 ock n to squat, to sit about, to take upon the back, gives the English masculine forms hawker and feminine huckster; also, to hatch, to sit on the haunch-es or hunk-ers, namely, like a huckster beside her wares; and hanker, one who keeps sitting in the same place; hence, in America, a politician who will not desert established principles.

The Semitic languages have an analogous suffix, as in Heb. Arabic khandj ar a large knife, whence hanger a kind of sword, usually but improperly referred to hang.

This termination is commonly considered of the masculine gender when applied to persons, but it is sometimes used for both sexes,.

One fees in it the expoftulation of a flighted lover, the refentments of an injured woman, and the forrows of an imprifoned queen.

Larder and ewer belong to -ary, n. Saucer, denier, purser, and perhaps salver, belong to -AR. Gander is regularly formed from Xlv a goose, d being educed, and the masculine -er added.

Younker is the Belgian jonker, jonkheer, composed of jong and heer, equivalent to young gentleman. German lamm lamb, laimmer or lIemmer lambs; geier vulture.

Old high German has sund, sundert, sundar, sundan, the souzth, south, sundr ni the south wind; sun dirin Anglish sut ern southern.

Ser-i-es a row or line the parts of which are in connection or succession. The following have the singular in -is.

L1QVVO to be liquid. Oiotisk, old high German thiudisk, Ang. The suffix -ish Ger. In Russian geographical names, -sk indicates place, as in EKr6snoborsk, from krasn6 red, bor forest.

Akin to -esce, Obs. At times he exhibits the most exquisite pathos, at others the kindli- est, cheeriest humor ; now rises before him the awfulness of a soul's agony, now the grandeur of the unchained, devastating elements.

But whatever be the situation, he touches the popular heart. IX mightiest response and rightly so. Höhenfeuer, Neue Geschichten aus den Alpen.

Jakob der Letzte, Eine Waldbauemgeschichte aus unseren Tagen. Der Schelm aus den, Alpen. Allerlei Geschichten und Gestalten, Schwanke und Schnurren.

Geschichten und Schildereien aus Steiermark. S5et' einmal ein aSaterunfer bafür. SBcit fttecfte eä feine 3ltme aus, als xooüU eä ben SBalb umfangen.

D gewaltiges, nimmerfatteS Clement! Ser SRegen mährte tagelang unb bie 2Bol! SSerrüdt xoax ed gemorben ob bed Unglüded.

Sin Sump wiDft werben! Oü est done notre ami? The editor has allowed himself only a few verbal changes in the foregoing' sketches.

In the few instances where it seemed advisable to make slight alterations, Rosegger's German was generally too dialectical to be of service to the learner.

Undoubtedly it will prove suffi- cient to point out, in the Notes, any marked variations from ordinary standards. The Notes, both grammatical and lexical, are intended to facilitate not only the thorough understanding of the text and to fix in mind the essentials of German constructions and other peculiarities of grammar, but also, occasionally, to call the attention of the student to the literary qualities of Rosegger's writings.

Ordinary and familiar abbreviations only are used. The acquisition of a large vocabulary should be the student's constant aim and purpose.

St the spirit of contradiction , 'it. Wtünn, ' the man weighed down by work and care. Is this the sub- junctive of indirect discourse?

Mary's Cell ' , the name of a place near Bosegger's home, to which pilgrimages are made. These are sent all over the civilized world. Berthold Auerbach's Edelweiss for a character sketch of the Foresters, and their industries.

Particular pains need be taken to turn the modal auxiliaries into proper English equivalents. The contexts alone can determine what the particular translation must be.

The father's bravado is all put on ; his heart is almost ready to break with grief. Expressions of weight and measurement require that the object weighed or measured, when not qualified in any way, shall be in the same case as the noun denoting the measure.

Of course, the original relation of the second noun is the genitive, as still appears when it is modified: This selection well illustrates Bosegger's exquisite pathos.

The humble saw- flier rises to really heroic proportions in the treatment he receives at the author's bands. Close obserration of details and the power to coordinate and weave these into an artistic whole are strikingly apparent in the present selection.

The ÄnedJtS hired man's message is delightfully naive: Sollfl fein attfflel en. Usually some pecu- liarity, trade, business or other distinguishing feature is fixed on as a cognomen to the Christian, or given name.

Of a piece with these colloquial and dialectical variations are: QiiviBitxin, 'cottager,' 'cotter'; one who dwells in a poor, shabby habitation.

Death, Judgment, Heaven, Hell. SBaffer Ifl Ipalt bot gut P- 18, 1. Rosegger likewise uses the forms mev, xoem, men instead of jemanb, etc.

Popular legend credits the evil one with having scattered these huge rock- masses — glacial drift — far and wide.

He should analyze and be able to feel the restlessness of the boy, as " the shadows retreated still more under the trees"; he should study the art with which the oppressive stillness of the scene and the fearful spell, which the mound exerted, are described.

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